Congratulations to our first authors: our collaborator Dr. Ailbhe Brazel and a postdoc of the CDG lab Dr. Róisín Fattorini!

The lab will continue to work on flower development, photosynthesis and comparative development at the Biology Department.

Jesse presented his work on comparative analysis of the AGAMOUS transcription factor in Arabidopsis and Cardamine, congratulations Jesse!

Beatrice will work on hormonal regulation of photosynthesis in siliques. Congratulations Beatrice!

Welcome Róisín!

We are lucky to have Róisín Fattorini join us as a postdoctoral researcher. Through her training in ecology and evolution in plants she brings an excellent skill set to the group. Welcome Róisín!

A beautiful image of the MIR172B reporter gene expression pattern during flowering at the inflorescence meristem.

MIR172 work published in PLoS Biology

Our work on the MIR172 family from Arabidopsis has been published in PLoS Biology.

Plant Growth Room refurbishment

Thanks to support from the ISMIB senior management team, we have a new spacious plant growth room up and running. Let the growth begin!

Jesse McCarthy awarded BBSRC DTP

Jesse McCarthy, a researcher that obtained his Master’s degree while in our team, has been awarded a position in the prestigious and competitive BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership and will join us again in October 2020 to begin his PhD research. Congratulations Jesse!

BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship

I am delighted to announce that the I have been awarded a BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship beginning in 2020!

ICAR 2020

We are delighted to be organizing a mini-symposium at ICAR 2020 in Seattle.

Due to COVID-19 the conference has been postponed until 2021.